Shea Butter – Belfiore Herbal

Shea Butter
(Butyrospermum Parkii)

Shea butter’s rich and luxurious texture comes from its high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins. Its unique combination of linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmic acid helps your skin quickly absorb all the nourishing benefits without clogging your pores or leaving you with an oily feeling. Shea butter also contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and using it on your body—especially your face—can condition, tone, and soothe your skin.

We are proud to incorporate fair trade farm-sourced Ghanaian shea butter imported directly from female farmers in Accra, Ghana, as a base in every Belfiore Herbal cream and lotion.

What it does:

Shea butter’s amazing properties promote cell regeneration by naturally boosting collagen production in your cells. Shea butter contains triglycerides that nourish your skin and cetyl esters (the waxy part of the butter) that lock in moisture.

Our shea butter has a very high concentration of vitamin E— a biologically active form—meaning it’s an incredible aid in promoting an even skin tone, managing hyperpigmentation, and lightening dark areas on your skin.

About Our Farm-Sourced Ghanian Shea Butter:
Belfiore Herbal works with Augustina and Janet Boachie to import authentic Ghanaian shea butter directly from the markets of Accra, Ghana. Through our fair trade arrangement, we buy from a collective of female farmers who harvest, process, and sell the shea butter to earn extra income on top of their current farming duties. This additional income then funds educational opportunities in their village. Additionally, once our import with Augustina and Janet is complete, we donate 20% of the final cost back to the female farm collective.

Products containing Shea Butter:
Lavender Night Cream, Moisturizing Body Cream, Rejuvenating Face Cream, Eye Renewal Cream, Lavender Body Cream